What a Couple of Days

WSKO Cadair Idris Sponsored Walk 2015

On Saturday 22nd August a few of the WSKO squad members and their supporters set about travelling to North Wales to take on the mighty Cadair Idris Mountain.

We met in a McDonalds for breakfast then made our way in several different cars to the camp site. Thank heavens for Paul Rees and his navigational skills as without him Annette, Angela, Gab and Rachael may never have arrived in camp but that is what you get for leaving 4 girls in a car with no sat nav.

Once we all finally arrived at the camp site (the field in the middle of nowhere with no toilet and only a cold water tap) we set about making camp.

WSKO Cadair Idris Sponsored Walk 2015


Once the tents were up and the Evans mobile home (yes it was like a luxury hotel on wheels) was parked up the majority of the group got their selves ready to walk the mountain. Whilst the remaining few blew up the air beds, lit the fire and kept the beers cold. We missed Mark Rowbotham on the trip as we had no one to wash the dishes.

The group walked the mountain and made it to the summit.

WSKO Cadair Idris Sponsored Walk 2015 

Once down from the mountain the group returned to the field where everyone enjoyed the BBQ and Beer that was on offer. There were several songs around the camp fire. (every song was in the same tune but had different words) Rachel and Gab make excellent backing singers to Sensei Gerwyn.

WSKO Cadair Idris Sponsored Walk 2015 

Both Lukes decided to go into town and kept us all on pins until they returned in the early hours of the morning, but that’s boys for you.

The weather stayed fine all day but the rain came at around midnight and sadly ended our party.... Well the wind blew the gazebo over the fence and everyone decided that getting wet was no longer any fun!

We retired to our tents, with some of us choosing to sleep in our cars and of course the Evans clan had their luxury hotel on wheels.

As the morning arrived we decided that enough was enough as it had rained nonstop all night so we packed up and headed home.


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