Last Competition of the Year and we Slammed It.....

Weston Competition November 2015

Weston Super Mare 22-11-2015



Corey Giles - Gold - Kata

Connor Evans - Gold - Kumite

Keira Llewellyn - Gold - Kumite

Ben Thomas - Silver - Kumite

Steve Evans - Silver - Kumite

Daniel Rees - Bronze - Kumite

Corey Giles - Bronze - Kumite

Lucas Evans - Bronze - Kumite



Also Entered:

Shauna Evans

Rhys Rowbotham

Mikey Power

Gabrielle Sibley

Craig Summers



Gerwyn Harries - Coach

Liam Noyce - Official

Stuart Smith - Official

Weston Competition November 2015

One hell of a way to finish the Year off !!

Weston Super Mare Competition has always been a difficult competition for us, but today was a day where everybody just "clicked !"

Starting off with Lion Heart Lucas taking Bronze , Keira's Llewellyn's precision timing was unbelievable and it was good enough for her to take gold , Dan Rees, Ben Thomas  Rhys Rowbotham, Connor Evans and Corey Giles completely dominated their category!

Ben Thomas never give up attitude got him through to the final to meet Connor who was on fire with his Ura Mavashi Geri took the match.

Dan Rees and Corey Giles both took Bronze who both beat some good competitors on the way.

Gabrielle Sibley fought a girl from Wales and no matter how many times she hit her she couldn't get a decision and unfortunately lost , 1 big positive from this fight is that her cardio has improved massively!

Steve Evans was in a Round Robin Category and fought brilliant!  A little bit of inexperience in his 1st fight cost him 4 points but considering the guy was a 4th Dan we can forgive steve . He went on to take Silver!

Craig Husband fought well but again decisions were proving difficult to get even though he should have won on a technicality but sometimes that's how the match goes.

Corey Giles entered Kata and the category was U15 Yrs but even though he's had a couple of weeks out of training he still manages to take Gold. Brilliant performance from every member of our Squad.

Shauna Evans, Keira Llewellyn, Mikey Power, Lucas Evans, Ben Thomas, Dan Rees, Connor Rees, Corey Giles, Gabriel Sibley, Craig Husband and Steve Evans ! 


Both Stuart Smith and Liam Noyce were a credit to us today. When things don't go people's way criticism, often unfairly falls to the officials but today regardless of the little biased comments Liam Noyce was superb...



And to finish off both Josh Roberts and Luke Richards attended WKGB National Squad Selections for the upcoming WKF European Championships in Cyprus , Josh Roberts missed out as he didn't fulfill the criteria but Luke Richards has made the National Squad once again ! 

Looks like I'm packing my speedos we are off to Cyprus !! 

All in all what a hell of a successful day!


Thanks to everybody

Sensei Gerwyn.



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